Frozen River Pomskies

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Questions you may have about pomskies answered here!

We strongly encourage you to read the question and answers prior to emailing us with questions. We are glad to here from you but due to the extreme high volume of emails we get we can not answer all of them. You will first find questions answered about pomskies and then you will find questions answered about us!

Q/  What is a Pomsky?
A/ A pomsky is a designer breed that is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian.

Q/ How big do pomskies get?
A/ The size of a pomsky depends on the size of the parents. the average size is 18-25 pounds. However most of our puppies are staying under 20 pounds.

Q/ Do pomskies shed?
A/ yes they do shed. Some will shed more then others. Grooming and brushing will help lower the shedding to a minimal.

Q/ Do pomskies all have the same coat type?
A/ No. A pomsky can take on different coat types. Just like a husky.. you can have short sleek coats, a brush coat, and a wooley coat. You can also get more of a Pomeranian coat or somewhere in between the husky and pom coat.

Q/ Do all pomskies have blue eyes?
A/ No. you can have blue eyes, hazle/green eyes, or brown eyes. You may get combinations such as bi eyes or parti eyes.

Q/  Do all pomskies look like little huskies?
A/ No. Some pomskies can take on the full husky look and others can take on multiple marking variations and colors giving them their own unique look.

Q/ What is the temperament of a pomsky like?
A/ The pomsky can take on the temperament of both the Siberian husky and the pomeranian.  Our experience with them is  we find them to be friendly, happy, outgoing dogs!

Q/ What is the activity level of a pomsky?
A/ pomskys are active dogs and do require exercise. They do not require as much exercise as the Husky does.

Q/ Do pomskies make good family pets?
A/ Yes! a pomsky is an excellent family pet! They are loving and enjoy children! They are compact making nice indoor dogs and easy to travel with.

Q/ Can a pomsky live in an apartment?
A/ Yes. They are a small compact dog that suits apartment living just fine.


Q/ What do you use for the mother.. Husky or Pom?
A/ We only will use the Siberian Husky to mother our litters and use the Pomeranian for our stud. A pomeranian should never be used to mother a litter with a husky. The Pom is far to small to safely whelp.

Q/ How long have you been breeding?
A/ We have been breeding pomskies since 2013. However we have been raising dogs and showing dogs since 2002.

Q/ Are all of your dogs health tested?
A/ Yes. We have our vet fully health check our dogs and we also do extensive back ground checks on our dogs pedigrees for certifications.

Q/ Are your puppies raised in your home or in a kennel?
A/ All of our puppies are raised in our home with children.

Q/ Do you guarantee your puppies?
A/ Yes. We do offer a 1 yr genetic health guarantee on all of our puppies.

Q/ Do you sell with breeding right?
A/ We may consider at times selling one or our puppies to an established pomsky breeder that has strong breeding ethics with vet reference. Other wise NO.. we do not sell with breeding right. Puppies are sold on a SPAY/NEUTER contract.

Q/  How often do you breed your females?
A/ Once a year.

Q/ How often do you have puppies.
A/ This will vary. We are now using guardian homes for some of our dogs as we do not believe in kennels.. So we do plan on having puppies avaiable frequently once some of our new Siberian husky puppies have matured to adult breeding ages. (see our guardian home page for more information)

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