Frozen River Pomskies

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The Amazing Parents to our Pomskies!

Nuka is our beautiful AKC female Siberian. She comes from Champion bloodlines and also is related to the actor dog that stars in 8 below and snow dogs! Nuka is the most sweet laid back husky you will meet. She is very loving and in even gentle with small animals including cats. She enjoys playing with other dogs and adores children. During winter months she does some recreational dog sledding. 

George is our handsome 5 1/2 pound AKC Pomeranian stud. He is a triple thick coat chocolate tri color with hazel eyes. He is extremely happy and loves everyone he meets! George enjoys laying in the sun on summer days and chasing my son around! He is started in agility and has competed in the classic K9 show and also performed in other acts for the classic k9 show. 

Bella is a dark mahogany and white AKC female Siberian Husky. She is full of energy and loves to play! She has all the traits and personalty you expect in a husky. She enjoys going on long walks, playing with other dogs, and playing with kids! Bella has the most beautiful ice blue eyes!  

Jada is a dark mahogany and white AKC siberian husky. She is our smallest female! She is very petite!! Jada is full of personality! She is very outgoing and everyone she meets adores her! Jada knows how to turn on the charm and get attention. Jada is tiny but mighty! She enjoys doing dog sledding and playing with her best friend Bella. 

Takara is a stunning black and white AKC Siberian husky. She is our youngest of the group. Takara is an amazing dog. I can not say enough about her! She is amazingly smart and can learn a new trick in a days time. She is a big baby and loves lounging on the couch. She is very laid back for a husky. Takara is learning dog sledding and will be on our team in 2015. We also plan to work on agility with her this spring. She does well with all animals big and small and also adores children. 

Nova is a beautiful grey and white plush coat AKC siberian husky. She is a very very sweet girl! She has a lot of personality and loves everyone she meets. She gets along great with other dogs but is not to sure of cats yet! She is active but not hyper. She does enjoy long walks and playing with the kids! She is a new addition and will be in a guardian this summer. 

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