Frozen River Pomskies

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Quotes We had a great experience with Frozen River Pomskies and Kimberly! Luckily I found her on Facebook as we had difficulties finding people that were breeding or cross breeding pomskies. From we first got in contact with her, she was very informative and kept us updated through Facebook with pictures and information on the puppies. The process getting Bob went smoothly and we picked him up at the Phoenix Airport in August of 2013, and we absolutely love our puppy! His markings are very cute, though not the typical husky look he definitely has many husky traits, some on his fur and definitely his personality. He learns fast but he is stubborn at times so we have to be strict so That has to be the husky in him. He has a very high energy level and great agility so we take him out several times a day and has also done a few light hikes as well. He is still growing so we are doing that in small steps. So far we have taught him to lay down, stay, high five and fetch.Over all a great experience. Quotes
Hannah Isabelle
"Bob" our pomsky

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