Frozen River Pomskies

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Who We Are

Frozen River Pomskies is not just the home to amazing Huskies, Pomeranians, and Pomskies! We are a Christian family with three wonderful children that are an active part of our every day lives with our pets. We live on the outskirts of Grand Rapids Mi in a country setting. We are very active with our children and our pets. Our children participate in sports that include our dogs. Our oldest is very active in the winter months enjoying dog sledding. She loves to race a couple of our dogs in M.U.S.H and G.L.S.D.A races here in Michigan. Our oldest and middle child both show a couple of our dogs in agility with the Classic K9 team! Our son is the youngest junior handler on the team at only 4 years old!  We are looking forward to one day having pomskies in the show!

Because of the popularity of the Pomsky breed we receive sometimes over a 100 emails a day. With our active family we are not able to answer every email as quickly as we would like to. We strongly encourage you to read all of our pages on our website to see if your questions can be answered prior to emailing us.

Why Us?

We pride ourselves in healthy quality puppies. We have personally selected each of our adults by pedigree studies and health studies. All of our adults are AKC with a lot of color in their pedigree. We strive to make the puppies transition into his/her new home smoothly by doing a lot of hands on training with our puppies such as potty training and basic commands. We keep our puppies near our family all day and include them into our daily routines. Our puppies personalities shine!  We work with Willos Wish K9 Academy for all of our training needs, temperament testing, and advice!

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